Google is relatively close to deploy in next generation of Penguin, internally called Penguin 2.0.

Penguin is a webspam change dedicated to try to find black-hat webspam and tries to target and address that. This one is a little more comprehensive than Penguin 1.0 and it is expected to have it go a little bit deeper and have better impact than the original version of Penguin.

As Matt Cutts mentions they have also been looking at advertorials, i.e. sort of native advertising and those things that violate their qսality guidelines.If someone pays for coverage, or pays for an ad, those will not flow PageRank. There have been a few sites in the US and around the world that took money and then did link to websites and passed PageRank. For this reason, there will be sort of a little bit stronger efforts in enforcement as far as advertorials violate Google quality guidelines.

Nothing is wrong with advertorials or native advertising, but they should not flood PageRank. There should be clear disclosure, so that users can realize that something is paid not organic.

Google is going from having jսst general queries to a little more clean some of those areas that traditionally have more spam. There will be some ways to go up-stream to deny the value to link spammers, to people who spam links in various ways and make that less effective. In fact, it’s planned to have completely different system that does more sophisticated link analysis.

Google intends to get better in hacked sites in a couple of different ways. Number one is to try to detect them better, hopefully in the next months to roll out on next generation of hacked site detection that is more comprehensive. As sometimes there is confusion between hacked sites and sites that serve up malware, this new update will try to communicate better two webmasters.

“Ideally, you  will have a one stop shop where if someone realizes that they’ve been hacked, they can go to  Webmaster Tools and have some single spot where they can have more info to sort of point them the right way to hopefսlly clean up those hacked sites,” added Cutts.

If you are doing high quality SEO, you don’t have to worry a lot about Penguin 2.0 changes, but if you have been hanging on a lot of black-hat forums trading different types of spam package, then it might be eventful for some of you.

Also look forward to a change, in case of which once you’ve seen a cluster of results from one site, then it will be less likely to see more results of that site in the next pages of Google search resսlts.

Google Penguin 2.0 will try to give more information to the webmasters, like more concrete details, more examples, so that webmasters will decide where to go to diagnose their site.

Expect to really see good improvements in terms of people who are link spamming or various black-hat spam will be less likely show up by the end of summer 2013.