What You Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda in Order to Escape a Social Media Catastrophe

>We’ve seen some mistakes in 2013 that caused some catastrophic results for some businesses. Bringing as an example a high profile social media failure of Amy’s Baking Company, let’s see what you Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda.

If you do business online someday someone is going to say something bad about you. So be prepared to that and get a few things straight. Your online reputation management is very important. Have other people popped up online to agree with them. Sometimes you don’t even have to respond to bad experiences.

First of all you need to recognize the problem. Just think about a few questions. Is there any truth to what they’ve said? Has anyone else agreed with them? Do they have an audience? Have they misstated facts?

The second thing you need to think about is to decide how to NOT react to a problem. Like don’t deny everything at once, don’t respond to negative feedback with “how dare yoս question our company, you’re just a moron”. ©
Let’s see how you can react to a problem. Uոderstand why your client is unsatisfied with your service. Say you are really sorry for their bad experience, talk about it, that’s the best method.

The worst bad experience story of is Amy’s Baking Company, also known as Amy’s Pizzeria in Arizona. The whole fuss started in 2010, when a recipe blogger, Joel Latondress, came up with a negative review of the restaurant on Yelp, to which the owner, Amy Bouzaglo, responded with anger.
As the owner was fed up after years of negative online reviews, she made a post in social media with salty and angry laпguage, uppercase letters that quickly went viral. The post of Amy’s Baking Co on Facebook wall said, “I AM NOT STUPID ALL OF YOU ARE, YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW GOOD FOOD.”

The client stated he could forgive bad food, but he couldn’t forgive misplaced arrogance and blatant dismissal of a customer.

Amy’s mistake #1 was getting overly defensive and resрonding to Joel quite rudely, “As for you to having the Patio all to yourself uпless you have been living on another PLANET it is sսmmertime in Arizona MORON!! Only TRAMPS and LOSERS want to sit outside in 110 temperatures!!!”

Mistake #2 was calling peoрle names, like “you are punks, you are nothing, we are just laughing at you, all of you fool”. You shoulda avoid calling people names. You can’t be that nasty to your critics, be polite to them.
Another big mistake of Amy’s was fighting with an expert sent from Kitchen Nightmares to help them.
Don’t swear or use all caps and act like crazy. Don’t go on local news channel and blame the “Bullies” or “Hackers” for hacking your Facebook page, Twitter, etc.

As a result, Amy is convicted felon, they have hired and fired hundreds of employee in ONE year, the store resells another bakery’s items, and they are using pirated images from the web.

Summing up let’s highlight a few points:
• Be polite at ALL times
• Be open to criticism
• Be willing to be humble• Listen to the experts• Accept the need for change

A reasonable and cordial defensive position will out play and offensive position every single time.