CNN Acquiring Zite Now Sees Benefits

mobile applications for iphone and androidCNN acquired Zite in August 2011 and now it sees the results of its investment.

Zite, from the word “zeitgeist”, the spirit of our times, is news reading app that helps you discover interesting articles to read. The web is full of different types of information and we waste much time to find the content we want. Entering into your Google Reader and Twitter history, Zite pays attention what articles you check and gets to know you better. Zite remembers what you like and analyzes millions of articles every day and introduces you the best matching to your interests newspapers, magaziпes and blogs. It’s the first news reader to provide an individually personalized experience.

Zite technology allows the readers to browse hot topics in form of new Trends section. It helped to get insights that users care about what’s trending overall. Zite CEO Mark Johnson, who uses Zite both on his iPad and mobile phone, calls it a “lean-back” reading experience, meaning it drags articles you didn’t even know you would like to read.

In December 2012, the fully redesigned Zite 2.0 was launched, which was the advancement from a personalized magazine into an intelligent magazine. Now Zite offers articles about 40,000 different topics. It can be integrated to Facebook, which means you can link your Facebook account to Zite and get topic suggestions.