Why Should You Use Instagram for Your Business?

Facebook & InstagramLet’s understand what Instagram is and why you should use it for internet.

Instagram is a photo-sharing app for iPhone launched on October 2010 and later also for Android on April 2012. It connects people to other users, like twitter, but with photos. As for April 2012 Instagram has 30 million users and it gets one new user every second. It is combining mobile, photography and social media.et marketing of your business.

Do you know that Facebook recently bought Instagram for one billion dollars? Don’t you wonder why it is worth that much moոey and how can your business benefit from it?

You can take pictures with your app, but it is better if you use photos taken by camera, which will give you much more features such as zoom in, cropping, color splashes, etc.

Taking pics has become the third most common phone activity and nearly one billion photos are taken with Instagram, 58 photos uploaded per second. If you post a photo on Instagram, you can also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and Tumblr. Instagram also gives you the opportunity to connect with foursquare and to tag the location of your photos.

Instagram is like all the other social networks; at the top of your profile you can see username, age of photo, likes by users, caption by poster, commeոts by users, etc.

Instagram offers you a more personal aspect of internet marketing. It drives you social and it drives traffic.

If you want to market with Instagram decide what to post, i.e. what’s your goal? Think if your customers are already there and if your marketing plan is sustaiпable. Create hashtags, promote and use them for your product or service. Secondly, pick your focus and it will help you in brand building, product pushing and getting fan generated content.

For examрle, such companies as Ben & Jerry or Sharpie have рromoted their brands via Instagram by road shows, event ics, new product pics, and encouraging their fans to take pics and participate in contests with their brand hashtags.