Thousands of new websites appear on the web every day, but how to make the website SEO friendly is the question. A very simple question, but the answer is not so simple.

Your website needs to be SEO friendly to appear on the top rankings of the search engines and it is very important for successful conversion. Make sure to get a website designed with SEO standards, so there will be no complications with content, navigation, internal and anchor links, etc.

To make a website SEO friendly start with its compatibility with all major browsers. Meta titles are very important, write descriptive and clean titles as it is the first thing people catch while looking through the search page.

Using Meta tags is another key function you need to do. Meta tags involving keywords and description help to drive traffic as they appear beneath your title in search pages. To increase the ranking of your website place the keywords in the header. Make sure to contain keywords in your website content. The content should be informative to add value to the website.

Remember to place the menu at the top of the website as the structure of the website matters too. It is better to keep your website design simple and easy to navigate.

Add anchor texts to your internal links so that the keywords will help improve the ranking of those internal pages. The usage of the combination or variation of the same keyword will help achieve better results.