A blog is a simple page, where the рosts appear in reverse chronological order and the recent posts are displayed above.

• Communication with your clients and getting client feedback
• Relevant and interested visitors to your website
• Backlinks, higher ranks and showing up in SERPs

There can be different types of blogs such as personal, corporate (such as Internet Marketing blog), by theme and by media type. Personal blog is a common type, it is like an online diary, where the blogger writes and shares his opinion and concerns on life or recent events. Corporate blogs are for business purposes. These blogs are aimed for boosting communication of a corporation and are used as an external way of marketing and public relations.

Blogs by genre can focus on a particular theme, like educational blogs, health blogs or travel blogs. Blogs can be different by the media type. For example, you can have a blog, which will comprise only of photos, it will be a photoblog.

Blogs are interactive and allow the visitors to leave comments or send their feedback. A good example is armenia-hayastan.com (blog by genre). It has a comment section and that is the most interesting part, which gives the opportunity to see what your clients think about your business or a certain service or product you offer.

Blogging is considered a form of social networking, as bloggers not only write content and post it in their blog, but also build public relations with the readers and communicate with them.

Your business will benefit from blogging as it is another great tool of SЕO and internet marketing for boosting your business and driving search engine traffic. Blogging helps you to target larger group of people or readers and inform them about your business. The more traffic you will have in your website, the more will be the sales.

A blog will be a direct bridge or a backlink, and it is not a secret that backlinks are kind of doors to your website. Blogs are alternatives of official websites. Like your website is your official representative in the internet, while your blog is a platform, where you share information, get comments and discuss a certain product or service. Contextual backlinks with anchor texts will bring relevant traffic and the people visiting your website through your blog are more likely to become clients or do business with you as they have vast information about your business. Usually, search engines use backlinks as a ”vote”, and a blog can be a good “vote” for your web pages.

If you manage to use your blog properly, it will link you with other blogs and websites, thus resulting in your websites frequent appearing in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and higher ranking.