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Digital Marketing replaced traditional Internet Marketing
to reflect broader use of digital resources, such as desktop and mobile
searches, social media conversations, email messaging, SMS, etc.

Optimized Digital Marketing is MUST for any business to increase:

• Online and offline sales volumes
• Number of online leads, customers, subscribers, shop visits
• Visibility, accessibility, openness for feedback and support
• Reputation in business environment and community
• Competitive opportunities
• And the most important – Profit margins

Certification Courses

Become a internationally certified professional without need to travel, enhance your recognition and value by on-going professional development.

OMCA™ is a valuable entry-level certification for online marketing associates and entry-level practitioners. Perfect for managers, those just starting in digital marketing, or as a first step towards earning an OMCP certificate. OMCA certification is designed to prove conceptual knowledge of digital marketing and demonstrate foundational knowledge of generally accepted practices across multiple digital marketing disciplines.

OMCP is the industry’s premier certification for online marketing professionals who have completed extensive training from qualified providers. Designed for those with more extensive online marketing experience, the OMCP demonstrates a thorough knowledge of online marketing concepts and best practices across one or more digital marketing disciplines.

At the conclusion of our Digital Marketing courses, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from DM Consulting. This course also meets requirements for professional development and allows to take either OMCA or OMCP Certification tests.