Google not only updates its algorithm every time to respond the searchers’  intentions, even trying to guess what they want to find out, they also make lot more fun in their interface.  We all know their interface follows popular world events, people, figures not only worldwide, but narrowing down to nation, country, personality.  Wow, we just can’t see us away from Google yet, because they just want to become our help in the internet!
google new logoRecently, Google created a new company Alphabet.  And today, if you go in, you will see animated Google logo, responsive to search actions.  The logo itself hasn’t changed much, it maintained the same colors and traditional typeface – Times New Roman.  The new logo now has Sans Serif typeface, which reads well on desktop as well as on small mobile devices.

Google new logo is no longer a static watermark.  As you watch, a hand swipes the letters, then comes in and writes the new typeface, and then everything turns into dots.  As you talk, dots become equalizers, reacting to the sound.  Google moves from relatively simple searches to complicated algorithms of  getting deep in people’s minds.  And the logo represents the dynamics of the company, symbolizes the fact that it never stops growth and evolution.

You should just go and look!