For sure everyone knows how to search simple things on Google. Google wants to present more tips for you to get the most out of its search results.

In order people to know how to read pages in other languages or track down the location of a friend’s picture, starting from June Google offers free online course that will teach people search strategies for finding what they need easily and faster.

Google offers 6 different 50-minute training called “Power Searching with Google” for these two weeks. You can take the classes at your free time.

The classes will be led by Google Senior Research Scientist Dan Russell, who will show the trainees how to improve their searching skills and how to use various tools such as Google+, Google Groups or Hangouts.

As Russell has mentioned, “This course is aimed at helping people to learn new search techniques so they can find what they need faster, no matter how they curreпtly use search.”

The ones who will finish the course successfully will receive certificates of completion.

Recently the company has been very attentive about how Google search works. In April, they release a YouTube video on how Google provides the most up-to-date results to its users. And in May, it released an infographic on how Google search travels the world and brings the latest results.