8 Tips For Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. It already has 960,000,000 users, and this number is growing day by day. So if we want to have a successful online PR and marketing, we should use this huge resource. See below some important features of Facebook marketing:

1. Customize your page design: make sure to have creative and interesting cover photo and avatar.

2. Maximize your online presence: Create a daily plan of interesting posts, photos and share them.

3. Pin posts. You can pin the most important post of the week and it will show on top of your timeline for 7 days even after new posts.

4. Highlight posts. Highlighted post will look as ‘double wide’, so for example you can highlight the launch day of your company.

5. Use milestones. You can add milestones to some posts on your Timeline and these posts will go out at the right date and create more visibility and engagement with your page fans.

6. Share hot offers, discounts.

7. Link to your website. You can share the interesting content from website and also increase its traffic.

8. Start discussions, get feedback and build your community on Facebook !

Through Facebook pages the companies can connect with potential clients, get feedbacks, and most importantly – build credibility and make targeted marketing.