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Our corporate solutions vary by company and by need. We have budget proposals for small companies. Medium and large corporations can develop their internet marketing action plan with our team and flexibly incorporate our services into their marketing plan.  

How we work?

1. Entry Stage – Our specialists will provide suggestions about improvements (Entry Stage).  These services are FREE to our clients.

2. Diagnosis – Then we will talk to your team and discover the needs (Diagnostics).  A flat fee will be required to receive detailed diagnostics about your internet marketing strategy, website current situation and recommendations on improvements.  You will love this report.  See an example of Diagnostic Report

3. Action plan – Based on your website problems and issues we will develop action plan for your internet marketing strategy. 

4. Implementation – Then our specialists will walk you through implementation of the plan.

monitoring and analysis of own online business efforts.  You will have your Website Analytic Dashboard

Our team will become your partner in your internet business and help you become successful.

If you have questions, our FAQ page may help you get them answered.


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