On January 16, 2013 Google surprised the world with its new, easier to use, feature-packed and customizable analytics. Google made an update and now Google Analytics can see the design and structural changes on its interface. This change brings scattered features, which were in different tabs and sidebar into a սnified place.

One of the most outstanding changes is the new top navigation orange bar and sidebar. Before this change we could see the reports divided among “Home”, “Standard Reporting” and “Custom Reporting”. After the change such tabs as Dashboards, Shortcuts, Intelligence Events and Real Time are listed under “Reporting”. Real Time is an integral part of standard reports and together with the other three reports is considered “My Stuff”.

The next interesting change concerns the AdWords section, which is now part of the Traffic Sources drop-down.  Let us remind that last year there was a major update named Google Analytics V5, when the AdWords reports got their own section. Now as you scroll down the page, the top navigation floats.

Newly customized dashboards got a huge change of design too. Now there are white widgets over light grey background. Now you can create different layout for your dashboards.  This is a big improvement that allows more rooms to data-rich tables.

Also we have two new Widget options: GEO maps and Bars. GEO maps will contain a country, state or city and color it according to a metric you choose. In itheir turn, Bars are an advanced way to get graph data.