LinkedIn is the king of business networking. It’s a great place for professionals from mid to high level. Here you can find people with same interests or background.

LinkedIn is a great place to recruit yourself to the next level and research recruits in a way that you can’t do from a standard resume. It’s also a great platform, where you can look for candidates, who are most appropriate for a certain job position. You can do a geographically restricted search based on some keywords and make a list of potential candidates.

It also offers an opportunity to promote your sales to the next level. This is a great possibility for salesmen, as they can go on and search connections to find those points of commonality, so if they are trying to reach one specific company, through LinkedIn they can actually find the person they want to reach out. And they can use LinkedIn system to find out if they have any mutual connection with their potential clients. That gives the opportunity to request the personal connection as well.

It also gives the chance to take the networking to the next level.

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to make business conferences, discussions, ask questions, as well as answer certain questions and many more …