So you’ve decided that your Armenian business needs an online presence. It’s lovely! An online presence can connect you with potential clients and enhance your overall status and legitimacy as a business, not only in Armenia. In addition, consumers tend to trust a company that they can research online over a business that doesn’t have an online presence at all.
Here are some tips that will help you create and boost your online presence.

Work On Search Engine

SEO has not died and will not die as long as search engines exist. However, there are lots of SEO myths that can confuse you. Conduct an SEO audit on your site. Fix bugs that could affect search engine rankings. Use, for example, Google Webmaster Tools to check for errors such as 404 errors, broken links, and sitemap errors. Using these tools, evaluate the site’s quality and user experience (UI).


Optimize your site for use on mobile devices. Try searching your site on Google using your mobile phone. If your site is optimized for mobile phone users, Google will show it as “Mobile Friendly”. Try using both the Latin alphabet and the Armenian one. You should ‘’get in the head’’ of your Armenian customer who would search your business.

Online Directories as ‘’Back Support’’

Business Directories are a great tool to create an online presence for your Armenian-owned business. There are several solid reasons to list your Armenian-Owned business in a directory. First, they give backlinks, sometimes even free advertising. They may have better SEO optimization than your business, so when potential customers search, your business may be placed first with the directory listing, then your actual web page on 3-4th or further.

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Keywords are the KEY

Don’t be a robot, but try writing for people. Google’s algorithm allows it to recognize different words or search terms with the same meaning. So, instead of using the exact match of keywords in titles and meta tags, use more attractive and “human” keywords.

‘’Trendy’’ Presence

Create accounts on popular social networks. Increase your social activity and visibility by creating profiles on social networks such as Facebook. Today, users are very active in using social networks in their daily lives, so why not declare your company and your website using this tool?

Wrapping Up

We hope these tips will help your Armenian-owned business be more visible on search engines and attract users. But remember that these are only tips and ideas, and no matter how effective they are, they will not bring results if you do not put them into practice.