Video advertising is easier and less expensive than you might think and it’s a must-add piece for your marketing mix, one that’s both inexpensive and effective.

In this course you’ll learn What kind of content goes viral, why viewers connect with brands via video, and how analytics can help you understand and achieve your online marketing goals, as well as video editing, and uploading to YouTube.

The course consists of the following sections:
 1. Outlining your YouTube marketing strategy
 2. Identifying who discovers new videos
 3. Getting your videos discovered
 4. Why Are Your Videos Worth Discovering
 5. How to Leverage YouTube Analytics
 6. Identifying Who Shares New Videos
 7.What You Can Do To Get Your New Videos Shared
 8. Where And When To Explore YouTube Alternatives

At the conclusion of this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from DM Consulting.  

Course Cost – $ 299
Access to online trainings – 3 months
Hours – 8-10.

To learn more about these points as well as for registration on training write or