Nowadays blogs play significant role in SEO and they can be used as useful tool of internet marketing. Content, distribution and frequency are the three main components of a blog.

Creating and running a blog of your business is vital to create a public persona and make your company more popular. You can start a blog either opening one in famous free platforms such as WordPress, Blogger and Posterous, or you can launch completely new blog with its own domain.
Blogging is about sharing opinion and information, photos or videos of your products or services.
Here are several tips for creating and running a corporate blog.

Tip 1. Define your audience you are running the blog for. Think of what would interest your potential customers and partners. It is important to ensure the topic is an interesting one that you will be enthusiastic to write about regularly. Consider your audience’s help to share the word.

Tip 2. Make your content SEO friendly. Take a writing style and write your own way, don’t worry your reader will get used to it. Gradually your style will become your signature. Use relevant keywords in your content and search engines will grant you with high traffic rate. Don’t write too long, keep it simple and interesting for the readers.

Tip 3. Be a consistent blogger. Consistent blog writing will keep your readers coming back to you. Write blog posts at least twice a week. A corporate blog is a good way of building trust. Regular and updated blog posts will solidify your position in the market.

Tip 4. Allow comments. Be ready to listen to the viewpoints, comments and suggestions of your readers as comments let your readers interact with you. To escape spam you can moderate comments. By the way, you can search and find relevant business blogs and make comments yourself.

Tip 5. Promote your blog. Share your blog posts via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. To promote your blog also register it in blog directories. Make sure to participate in blog communities where your audience already exists.